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Richie McMillan
Senior Trooper
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In-game Name: Richie McMillan
Badge #: 140

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Name: Richie McMillan(prev:Richie Williams)
Former badge number: can't remember (140 i believe)
Former rank: Police Officer III
Former divisions: N/A
Date of resignation: oct 4,2019
Reason of resignation: Was busy irl and was unable manage time to play
Reason of reinstatement: Now I have time and have returned back so I would like to rejoin the department

Police Officer III

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Stock Smith
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Dear Richie McMillian

We are glad to inform you that your reinstatement has been approved by the command staff, and that you are welcome back in the San Andreas Police Department. Your rank will be set as Senior Trooper - you may request your badge from a Lieutenant+ (IG rank).

Congratulations, and welcome back!