Reinstatement Information [OPEN]

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Reinstatement Information [OPEN]

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In order to submit a reinstatement request, you must fulfill below criteria:
  1. Not have been dishonorably discharged. - exceptions can be made by Command Staff.
  2. Had a rank equal or higher of Trooper.
  3. Had been a member of the Department for at least a month as a Trooper.
Reinstatement requests are evaluated by Command Officers and the reinstatement may vary depending on the individual. Those with a bigger punishment history may be reinstated with lower ranks or may not be reinstated, while those who had a good history with the Department may be reinstated with the same rank they resigned as.

Reinstatement request evaluation may take time, do not continuously contact Command Officers for an update. When an update is available, it will be posted in the request. Otherwise, be patient.

To submit a reinstatement request, CLICK THIS LINK.