Woody Hernandez(Previously Alfred Winters)

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Alfred Winter
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Woody Hernandez(Previously Alfred Winters)

Post by Alfred Winter » Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:31 am

Name: Woody Hernandez(Previously Alfred Winters)
Former badge number: 207
Former rank: Trooper.
Former divisions: SAPD, None other.
Date of resignation: I didn't resign, I was fired(1/1/2020)
Reason of resignation: I was fired due to participating in the Bone County Elections, I was retarded as hell and didn't know what I was doing, I am truly sorry for what I did, I was fired, I will never repeat such a mistake and I think of staying duty all the time. I will never commit such a mistake again and I'd like to reinstate.
Reason of reinstatement: I want to reinstate because I don't want to destroy my talents I have, I want to be a good police officer and not commit mistakes like I did in my last career(Before Getting Fired) Im solely sorry for what I've done and I will never commit such a mistake ever again.
Police, To Protect And Serve

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Weston Lockeheed
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Re: Woody Hernandez(Previously Alfred Winters)

Post by Weston Lockeheed » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:43 pm

Dear Woody Hernandez

it is with sadness inform you that your reinstatement has been Denied by the command staff, and that you are welcome to re-apply in 1 month
  • after a massive consultation with command staff and supervisory staff there was a general consensus that you are not welcome back into the rank of Trooper, due to being a security risk to the San Andreas Police Department and your recent criminal conduct.

    SIGNED BY: Weston Lockeheed
    RANK: Chief of Police

Chief of Police: Weston Lockeheed
San Andreas Police Department
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