[Press Release #2] - "One More Victory"

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[Press Release #2] - "One More Victory"

Post by Jake Randall » Sun May 19, 2019 5:34 pm

"One More Victory"
"How it all started"
It was around 4:00 PM on 19th of May 2019, where unknown reports arrived in San Andreas Police Department.

Today, for the first time, detailed photographs of the Coup attempt are released to the public.
Bellow, you can feel how the events unfolded with the timeline we made.

[4:14 PM]
911 Calls arrive about a possible attempt to overtake the Government is taking place outside Cityhall.
[4:15 PM]
First officers on scene confirm a large gathering.
[4:20 PM]
SRT and SWAT teams begin deployment.
[4:21 PM]
Tanks are rolling towards Cityhall.
Citizens are shouting "Down to the Governor!". They have bats in their hands.

High Command is on the scene, and Chief of Police Derek Carter is calling a CODE RED, a code used for statewide emergencies.
[4:28 PM]
The whole Department has responded, the area of Cityhall is under lockdown.
So far the location of the Governor is unknown and fear that the Governor may no longer
be alive was visible in the eyes of every SWAT and SRT operative on scene.

Radiation signs were placed in every corner of Cityhall, SWAT and SRT feared a possible chemical attack.
[4:30 PM]
The Coup attempt is now official, all officers of the San Andreas Police Department were informed and immediately went on duty knowing they may not return.

Volunteers, Cadets, Field Officers, SWAT, SRT, Supervisors.. they were all there.
Suddenly, two Rhinos appear from the East direction of Cityhall, and the drivers are shouting "Freedom! Down to DrBrain!"
The reports were now confirmed.
Today for the first time, the San Andreas Police Department is releasing a bodycam photograph, captured by Police Officer I Jake Randall as Law Enforcement Officers attempt to enter Cityhall and secure Governor DrBrain Genovese which reports stated he is inside.

Cadets equipped with MP5s, SWAT operatives equipped with gas masks used in wars.
There was panic in the air, but with the supervision of SWAT and SRT, the teams managed to secure Dr Brain.

[4:32 PM] "To the FBI HQ!"
Captain and SRT Director Matthew Carter directs all units to the FBI HQ Garage, knowing this would be a safe place.

"Direction Unknown"
Officers are now moving, they are moving towards unknown knowing that some may not return.

"I was at the same limousine with Dr.Brain; he was calm; he knew he was safe, the only worried that this may not end today."
- FBI Agent.

[4:45 PM]
The convoy reached San Fierro; the convoy couldn't stop since lots of people were following it, including Rhinos.

The brave Police Officers and operatives risked their lives to save the Governor and the restore peace in San Andreas.
Criminals were desperate. They made adverts, and they burnt vehicles.

"It was the longest hour of my life. I will never forget it" - Richard Williams, Police Cadet.

"On Guard for Peace"
[4:55 PM]
The convoy returned to Los Santos after some time, it was time to deal with all of the suspects, one by one and bring peace back to San Andreas.

[5:15 PM] "We have casualties, but not on our side!"
First minutes of 5:00 PM, every Police Officer is giving an intense fight to take Cityhall back.
With weapons on their hands, aiming, ready to shoot the Police Officers move in.

FBI, SRT, and SWAT next to each other, all in. They protect the Governor, and they defend the peace.

The Governor is moving back to Cityhall.

[5:19 PM] "VICTORY!"
At the first seconds of 5:19 PM, entry teams are breaching Cityhall making sure it's clear.
It's confirmed, Cityhall is clear.

Police Officers bring the news to the Governor where he made a historic announcement at Cityhall in front of his supporters.

Police then arrested 25 suspects suspected of crimes against the State and peace.
In the 25 suspects former Police Officer III Denzel Williams and Sergeant Ray Walker.

Governor DrBrain Genovese wrote:I would like to thank the San Andreas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations for defending the peace
in the State of San Andreas.
You didn't only protect me today, but you also defended peace and unity.
You are the guards of peace, thank you SAPD, thank you, FBI!
We are victorious.
It's over.
Police Officers hug each other and call their families announcing the great victory they achieved in the field today.

Chief of Police Derek Carter uses this chance and organizes the department in a meeting outside SAPD HQ, giving them a massive bonus for the risk they took today.

Police Officers, today we noticed that no matter the difficulties when we put our differences behind, we achieve great results.
Congratulations on your victory!
Jake Randall
Sergeant I
SAPD Spokesman
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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Dr.Brain » Sun May 19, 2019 6:34 pm


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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Abraham Sakura » Sun May 19, 2019 7:13 pm

We did it in the PAST, we have done it TODAY and we will do it in FUTURE.
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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Rooney Winter » Sun May 19, 2019 7:17 pm

It was a golden opportunity for us to show our strength.
Good job!
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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Kacper Williams » Sun May 19, 2019 9:18 pm

F to the idiots that got themselves fired

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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Abraham Sakura » Mon May 20, 2019 6:28 am

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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Derek » Mon May 20, 2019 9:10 am

Thank you to everyone who has risked their lives in order to protect the dummy Governor.

One of the first members of this Department and surely the last.

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Re: [Press Release #2] "One More Victory"

Post by Marcus Martinez » Mon May 20, 2019 9:50 am

Good one everyone!

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