[Press Release #6] - Ceremony of June

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[Press Release #6] - Ceremony of June

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San Andreas Policing is under pressure like never before.
Forces up and down the State must cope with a new type of crime, in a constant battle to keep San Andreas safe.
In this Press Release:
  • Promotions & Awards of June
  • Restoring peace in Bone County
  • How the Recruitment Projects changed SAPD
Promotions and Awards of June

Field Officers, Cadets, Volunteers and citizens at the Ceremony of June 2019.
Today, 23rd of June, the ceremony of June took place, with high attendance and excitement everything went very smooth as it took only 50 minutes.

Below is the list of the changes in the department.

Police Cadet > Police Officer I
John Collin
Jason Miller
Jacob Oliver
Peter Parker
Jayson Williams
James Mac
Joseph Arnold
Sandy Smith
Police II > Police III
Shane Williams
Stock Williams
Jake Randall
Police III > Sergeant I
Eduardo Williams
Sergeant I > Sergeant II
Weston Lockeheed
Officer of the month
Shane Williams

Community Service Award
Jason Miller Stock Williams Shane Williams Jake Randall Eduardo Santos Weston Lockheed
Kacper Williams Tyrone Williams Jayson Williams Jacob Oliver David Rogers

Examplary Service
Weston Lockeheed Shane Williams Jake Randall Eduardo Williams

Academy Graduate
John Collin Jason Miller Jacob Oliver Peter Parker Jayson Williams James Mac Joseph Arnold Sandy Smith
DIPLOMAS - Signed by Command Advisor Leonardo Carter and Chief Of Police Derek Carter
Officer of the year 2019
Jake Randall
Kindest Police Officer
Jake Randall
Restoring Peace in Bone County

Minutes after the ceremony ended, SRT and SWAT started an operation to bring peace back to Bone County.
After receiving reports of a group of people claiming themselves as the Government of Bone County SRT and SWAT started an operation giving an end to these people providing false information.

Four people were detained and one arrest was made.
How Recruitment Projects changed SAPD

Cadets were taking a Practical Phase with Senior Instructor Jake Randall while High Command supervises.
June was the first month a recruitment project took place in SAPD.
It gave 16 people a chance to try SAPD and work as a Cadet, after 20 days, eight new Police Officers were introduced, becoming a full Police Officer.

"We have noticed that with these projects, recruitment of SAPD has an extra value.
It isn't something that happens every day now. It is something that people have to fight harder for.
There are lots of bonuses, and you learn a lot during your Cadet period that will not only help you in SAPD but in your future careers if you decide to change.

The Academy Division is always ready to help and train new people that dream of becoming Police Officers, and with these projects, joining SAPD is way more fun!

I recommend everyone to join and give SAPD a try."
- Senior Instructor
Jake Randall

Jake Randall
Sergeant I
SAPD Spokesman

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