[Press Release] - In the desert of Bone County

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[Press Release] - In the desert of Bone County

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Press Release #8 - In the desert of Bone County

In the desert, Near the Frontline

ImageSAPD employees discussing a plan of action.

On Thursday, 27th of June 2019 08:34 AM San Andreas Government declared war against the so called "Bone County Government".

A war that nobody knows how long will last.
One thing we know for sure, as long as the citizens of San Andreas remain united, the enemy will be crushed, and the victory will be ours!

Saturday, 29th of June 2019
The San Andreas Government is in direct communication with FBI, JSOF and SAPD.
They inform them of the situation.
FBI holds a press conference at FBI HQ and vital information is passed towards citizens.
First attacks on Los Santos borders from two Rustlers, a weaponised plane are noted.

Sunday, 30th of June 2019
SAPD units under Police Officer III Jake Randall and JSOF units under Commander Kacper Williams and SRT Director Matthew Carter deploy at Bone County.
A roadblock is spotted blocking the tunnel of Bayside that leads to Bone County.
Immediately everyone on scene is detained and interrogated.

Volunteers and Cadets with MP5s and shotguns, JSOF operatives with M4s.
The Government was well prepared for these operations funding the equipment of Law Enforcement Officers on time.

After a while, all detained suspects were interrogated and set free.

But what happened on Saturday the 29th of June, at the meeting that the FBI hosted?

Leonardo Carter, a representative from the FBI, was clear.
"We do not negotiate with terrorists," he said while answer a question from Police Officer Elena Green.

San Andreas Government is known for the way they respond to a crisis like currently at Bone County; they have learned from past situations and are giving terrorists no chance.
In the meeting, several questions were asked primarily from our correspondent Jake Randall.

FBI used the chance to get closer to the public; citizens were also fortunate to meet Director Matthew Carter, he and Leonardo Carter were two of the architects of the war, two brave human beings that sacrificed a lot by involving the state into war.

But what do Police Officers think?


We have asked several Pollice Officers to tell us what they think of the situation at Bone County.
Sergeant II Weston Lockeheed wrote: Well, it is saddening that we have a rogue group of terrorists that want to self proclaim sovereignty over the government. Instead of properly engaging government over their concerns, they resort to radical jihadist methods, well if it war they want it war they will get.
Thanks to excellent leadership fr9m congress and Chief Carter, we will obliterate the terrorists. Anyone affiliated will suffer consequences of their actions.

Sergeant I Kacper Williams wrote: good I like doing airstrikes on pakis

Police Officer III Stock Smith wrote: It's pretty much under control; our team is highly skilled and trained to tackle situations like these.
In the morning today, Eduardo and I took down like 10 LeT terrorists alone. It shows that they aren't powerful or influential at all. They can't take over the Bone country for now at least.

Sergeant I Eduardo Williams wrote: The situation is pretty tensed, for now, the BC-GOV is coming up with new schemes daily basis, and with that, the militants are also growing aggressive again LEOs under SA-GOV.
But so far so good things are running smoothly from our Bone Country operations centres, multiple attacks were made on us, but we managed to stand through them.
According to me, BC-GOV is a terrorist organisation trying to hide behind the face of a self-built government, very soon we will bring this to an end and peace will be restored in BC.

Police Officer III Tyrone Williams wrote: Well, the situation in Bone County is still dangerous for the citizens of it.
Terrorists are being taken down daily, and we are slowly walking into a victory.
All agencies and departments are working strenuously for it and showing dedication and professionalism in the field.
JSOF are doing arduous patrols with armoured trucks and fighting jets.
Our fighting jets have taken down a lot of their fighting planes and successfully captured its pilots.
I advise citizens of San Andreas to hide at home until the war is over.

Jake Randall
Sergeant I

SAPD Spokesman

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Re: [Press Release #8] - In the desert of Bone County

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We won't stop unless these sand puppets are sent back in the caves they were in, long live SAPD

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Re: [Press Release #8] - In the desert of Bone County

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Okay, suppose you win the war. What after that? You will permanently lose the support of people of Bone County. They will hate you and they might rise again. LeT has offered you table talks why want bloodbath that bad? - Daryl Reznov CEO of Bone County Express
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Re: [Press Release #8] - In the desert of Bone County

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please bring back saaf it would be so nice to have it in these days rn
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