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[Press Release] - Heroes

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This Press Release is dedicated to the heroic leaders of the San Andreas Police Department, the past and the present.

With this Press Release, we are entering a new era of Press Releases, where we will make the Press Releases on the forum and combine the new style we recently adapted.

Reaching 20 Press Releases is a very big objective, our Press Releases contain lots of photographs and different situations, they typically refer to more than two situations.
In this Press Release:
  • Interview from Matthew Carter, former Captain of SAPD
  • Photographs as well as information about important people of SAPD.
  • The SAPD in the eyes of Paco Velez and Derek Carter
  • Prologue


Matthew Carter - The Interview

You have served the San Andreas Police Department since the beginning of it, what started your love for policing?
It was a natural path to take considering I have been interested in law enforcement since 2011, however, I was not experienced and knowledgeable enough yet to become anything at that time period.

So as I have gained knowledge and experience over the years starting off from 2014. When I became an officer and then a Detective, from which I transferred into the FBI.
That's when the real journey began

You used to be a very important person when Mr Derek Carter led SAPD. What do you remember the most from that time?
The SAPD used to be a reputable and respectable law enforcement agency with qualified members which were kept to a high standard.
The SWAT team was led by the highly competent Mr Billy Miller in the first times.

I believe that was the only time the SAPD had not had any issues with the SWAT.
I remember the most how flawless things were with minimal issues arising and without daily earthquakes.

As they occur these days, it seems that the SAPD has become an infected pocket for bacteria to breed.
With people reaching power and ranks without any qualifications or real competence.
Let me put here as an example Mr Jelly Valentine.

My question to that is, what the hell?
That's all.

How do you see the current SWAT division being led?
The unfortunate thing is that they have the Deputy Chief who seems to approve the scandals.
He's been constantly negligent of their misconducts and fuck ups.
Even the President himself has been enraged by the most recent event.
Where the SWAT members opened fire at non-threatening members on the hilltop farm.

I think it's a shame for a Deputy Chief to close eyes and pull Trump strategies.
To decline very evident issues and questionable behaviours.

Something that made the difference under Derek's leading was a very shocking event that happened in the December of 2018, do you remember those days Mr Carter?
That was a tremendous thing to happen, it was beneficial to the department.
We got all the toxic and careless people out of the Department at that time. - Derek Carter interrupts and says.

As the case is right now as well, it became infected with the bacteria which started spreading across other divisions.
Them leaving voluntarily made the department healthier.
And I'm firmly believing that it needs to happen again, at the present day.
The bacteria have to get cleared out and the department must continue with a healthy body.

What would you like people to know and be aware of?
SAPD has great members in majority.
The Academy Division that you lead is doing perfectly fine, I've seen no issues there.
I haven't heard of any fights or messes in that division.
ven the President himself has been enraged by the most recent event.
Where the SWAT members ope
However, you have SWAT, which has nearly daily errors in their deployments.
Weekly scandals.

I can name at least five situations where they've done wrong on a major scale. And that's not good.
As the President said, "they're not worth being called swat" - If they perform like that.

1. The IA to be more effective and handle the cases in a shorter time frame.
2. The Chief to do what's right as he has until now, without being drawn into a wrong path by the Deputy Chief.
3. The Command Members to keep on working as they are now, Eduardo and Morais, they're making a great team.
4. The Troopers can reach me if they have any issues or concerns with anything at all, I can surely fix issues.
5. And please use headlights at the night time between 20 and 08 as per the law.
6. Fix the SWAT team already.
Paco Velez answering questions

Why did you choose to support the SAPD where you could have done a less stressful job?
I joined SAPD with the intention of serving and protecting citizens of our state.
I was serving in the San Andreas Armed Forces at first before our squad made a transition to the police department.
After serving for several months, I realized there were some issues and the development of the department was not initially as effective as expected.
At the time, I became ambitious about having to aid and assist where it became possible.
As I prospered in the department, I felt the need to create a platform for troopers to be able to enjoy their time and efficiently execute their duties as well.

My intentions are not to restrict my fellow comrades, but to allow an open platform for future candidates and troopers. It's a community, and we ought to continue to develop it as one.

How is leading SAPD and what is something that you want people to know?Leading SAPD is stressful, one may be thinking that it requires a lot of in-game activity for instance.
They seem to forget that the most important role is to actually keep the department together, and ensuring a collective responsibility to keep a stable structure with a consistent flow of new recruits and internal communication.

This alone is a time-consuming job.
Luckily, I have my one partner, Weston, who fills in that gap. We're successfully leading the department by filling each other's weakness' and splitting tasks accordingly to one's preferability. Weston is more of the public figure than I am, I enjoy working behind curtains.

In the end, we both put in countless hours to ensure the department is a fun platform.
Neither Weston nor I have anything to gain, we simply do this for the troopers of our state.

How do you feel about the SAPD today, where is the SAPD heading?
SAPD's future is in the troopers' hand. It depends on how much the troopers value the principles we set for the department, and if they actually understand what the command staff are attempting to do. Personally, I feel we've made some choices that I do not necessarily agree with, but we're democratic in the command staff and it's a principle set by us as well. We hear you, and we listen to the majority of you. At the very moment, I feel SAPD is now climbing up from a downhill. I must give credits to the advisors as well for suggestions and proper consultation that made us be able to climb.
Derek Carter answering questions
Why did you choose to support the SAPD where you could have done a less stressful job?Ever since my childhood, I wanted to follow a legal career, one of being a police officer. No less stressful job would have brought me the satisfaction policing has.
How is leading SAPD and what is something that you want people to know?
Leading SAPD might look easy from the outside but hell, it ain't.
The the hardest thing to deal with is people. Unsuitable people for the job who believe they are Gods, they are the hardest to deal with. People, do not choose this job unless you can do it every day for the rest of your life with pleasure.

How do you feel about the SAPD today, where is the SAPD heading?
SAPD is being led without any question by the best individual, mr. Weston Lockeheed. The issue in SAPD are people inside it, as it has always been. People put up their pride, ego and personal agendas before the Department. The SAPD is heading in a good direction, just requires some 'bad apple spring cleaning'.

How did you feel on the attempted overthrow of Command?
I felt safe.
As my brother here has said, it was necessary for the Department, it grew too many bad apples.

Never ever did I feel like I was going to be put down by those reckless individuals because I knew their reasons for attempting such an action, which were:
They were kept on a leash by the Command members, especially by myself, not being allowed to breach any regulations or procedure, and if they did, they got punished for it accordingly.

People do not like justice, especially those people who attempted such an action.

So the enviroment had some very negative people at that time. Do you feel that there is this negativity again in SAPD?
Mainly it is the same people who are causing this state of woriness in the SAPD.
you have the SWAT Commander which got fired by myself a few months after the incident.
then you have the SWAT Team Leader who was part of the 'movement' against the Command.

Overall, it's the same people and the same attitude as back then.
SAPD Spokesman - Connecting SAPD with the Public

With the current Spoekesman we have released over 20 Press Releases
Photographs, stories, interviews, press releases, announcments and tons of other stuff have been produced in an effort to aid the public image of San Andreas Police Department, to help develop opinions and to promote the department in the eyes of the Public and the members.
It is not an easy thing to do however the love for it has never stopped to develop.

The upcoming Press Releases will discuss different subjects of SAPD, as we have started today, we have asked command members to share their opinions and whoever shared it was added here, hiding nothing.

Next objective, 50 Press Releases, this will be a very hard objective considering Press Releases take lot of time to make and require dedication, imagination and effort.
Let's see where we gonna reach.


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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

Post by Derek »

You never stop surprising me, mr. Randall, outstanding work. I hope people do take their time to read this and acknowledge the current issues that hold back SAPD from uprising to its old and golden state.

One of the first members of this Department and surely the last.

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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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It's admirable to see this kind off effort go into this kind of task, especially in this kind of community. Public Affairs and Academy are usually the most unwanted positions and the ones that do not satisfy the majority of people. You are a lucky charm for SAPD to have to do all these "boring" jobs so meticulously.

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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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Great job Jake!! 😇

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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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Damn right, fix the SWAT team already and to the Deputy Chief, stop protecting SWAT that's pointless.

Anyways, great work Jake Randall, let's go for the 100 press release after the next objective (50 one).

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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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Very good press release, Was able to cover up on the events that happened when I was gone, I believe that Matthew will fix S.W.A.T.
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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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Amazing efforts shown by you, mate! Keep it up and I hope SAPD gets fixed soon with the great Command Staff and Exectuive Staff we've along with the Supervisory Staff and the Troopers, the future of the department. And yes, nothing is perfect, so gradullay this department is gonna be better too with non-stop efforts.
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Re: [Press Release #20] - Heroes

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Good job Mr. Jake Randall and the rest of State Troopers, you did a very good job.