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Meet the team!

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Last updated: 12th August
Author: Khalid King, Hailee Rivera

Executive Staff

Chief of Police Stock Smith


Started his journey in the department in the late days of March 2019, Chief Smith has shown loyalty and dedication to the department in any way possible. He achieved Supervisor rank in April, again showing his capability of handling the heat. He handled the duties of a supervisor with pure dedication and perfection. After showing professionalism, Smith was appointed as a Lieutenant in the ceremony of March and was assigned as the SOB Commanding Officer. With the newly appointed Lieutenant, things only began to rise for the promising command member. Lieutenant Smith, along with the leadership of SWAT, they worked closely in order to fix any occurring issues in the Specials Operation Bureau.

On July 2020, after the resignation of Ex-Chief Eduardo Williams, Captain Smith was appointed as the new Chief of the SAPD. Congratulations!

Up to the date of the writing of this document, Chief Smith has received two community service medals and an exemplary service medal.

Deputy Chief of Police Shane Williams

Williams' journey began in April of 2019, showing full loyalty to his duties by never leaving the force. Due to his dedicated and loyal service, he was entrusted with the duties of a supervisor on the 26th of July.
During his time as Supervisor, he has established a controlled and friendly environment within the SAPD. On the 28th of September, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and continued to show loyalty and dedication on the field. During his time, he has seen many ups and downs in the department, he has seen many Chiefs come and go but he made sure to remember the good stuff that each of them had to add, and embrace them to the fullest.

Alongside Chief Smith, the Lieutenant was assigned as Deputy to Chief Stock Smith after the departure of ex. Chief Williams in July.

Deputy Chief Williams was awarded almost every honourary ribbon out there, from the simplest of successfully graduating the academy, to being the "Officer of the Month" in 2019's June, to an impeccable one-year service ribbon.

Command Staff

Captain Shamus Rae

Captain Rae is the real-life proof that experience can go a long way, and your name is valuable. Although Rae began his career in our department only in late May of 2020, in a short span of two months he managed to climb up the roster to a Lieutenant, while maintaining a flawless career. Rae has been a role model of the vast majority of the country citizens, due to his experience and knowledge in previous departments.

Although being honoured with only the exemplary service medal, Rae has proven himself capable on multiple occasions.


Lieutenant Parth Hernandez
AOB Commanding Officer

P. Hernandez joined the ride in January of 2019. Perhaps not always being the most noticeable person in the room, but surely always managing to show loyalty, dedication, passion and put to use his creative mind. In order to put his dedication and passion for the department, Hernandez joined the academy team of the department, hoping to put his knowledge to use by teaching the future of the department. After advancing to supervisory duties in mid-June, Hernandez was immediately trusted to lead the academy division of the department. On 23rd September, Parth Hernandez was promoted to Lieutenant and set as AOB Commanding Officer.

This kind of persona is forever appreciated, therefore Hernandez was given the exemplary service award early into his career.


Lieutenant Noah Peterson
SOB Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Noah Peterson started his career way back in September 6th, 2018. Ever since then he has stayed loyal to the department. Lt. Peterson specializes in combat as well as administrating therefore he was assigned to SOB Commanding Officer where he works closely with SWAT Commander Lincoln Stallone for ensuring SWAT is up to the standards it requires. Lt Noah Peterson also served the department as Ex Chief with honor and professionalism. He has worked with many Chiefs and Captains.

Supervisory Staff


Sergeant Iftina Hernandez

Sergeant Hernandez started her career way back in 2018 but reinstated as Trooper on August 19th 2020. As a paperwork addict, as of now she has written one hundred and thirty (130) Patrol Reports. For this dedication she has received paperwork addict award as well as 3 times Trooper of the Month! For her work, loyalty and professionalism, she was promoted to Sergeant on December 18th. Sergeant Iftina works closely as Academy Deputy Chief with Academy Chief Daniels to ensure the Recruits are receiving quality trainings.


Sergeant Marcus Hernandez

Sergeant Hernandez started his career way back on 13th of June, 2018. He was one of the very first Cadets accepted into the department. Sgt Hernandez has worked with many different Chiefs and Command Staff. He has stayed loyal to the department and always helped in anyway he could. An Ex Staff Sgt, Ex SWAT Team Leader, Ex CID Detective, Academy Senior Instructor. Sgt Hernandez has experienced almost every work of the department. He has also served in Federal Bureau of Investigation as Deputy Director.

Sgt Hernandez has received many awards, from 7x Community Service award to a very rare ''KING'' award.


Sergeant Daniel Campbell

Daniel Matthew Campbell started his journey on August 25th, 2020. In a short span of time he has reached the rank of Supervisory Staff. He is also part of SWAT, Academy and IA. For his love towards combat, he was promoted to SWAT Team Leader 13th November. Sergeant Campbell is a very fair man who is capable of judging scenarios due to his experience.

He has awards such as 2x Community Service, Exemplary Service and more.

Honourably Retired Members of the Department
A list of past department officials who have reached the position of the command staff, and have shown excellency each in their own time.

Chief William Delgado (Bangoh)
Chief Leonardo Carter
Chief Derek Carter
Chief Frank Thompson (Noah)
Chief Weston Lockeheed
Chief Eduardo Williams
Deputy Chief Paco Velez
Captain Matthew Carter
Lieutenant Brendan Finney
Lieutenant Morais Amarante
Lieutenant Billy Miller