[Press Release] - Victorious Department!

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[Press Release] - Victorious Department!

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Published on 4th May
Website: pd.sagov.us
Spokesman: Khalid King


Elections are upon us!

On May 7th, the elections for Governor will start where civilians will be able to vote for the candidate they wish to see as Governor. With the current Governor Brendan Finney being prosecuted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the state has been missing a Governor for some while now. In order for Candidates to get support from civilians, they have held campaign events. Governor Candidate Shehryar Khan hosted a rally at Los Santos City Hall, Governor Candidate Ace Westbrooks hosted a conference at a very unique location, The High Rollers, LV. And lastly, Governor Candidate Richie Kavanagh hosted two events so far, a fundraiser event and a roadshow/meet and greet event.

And of course as always, multiple assassination attempts were made to take down the Candidates but all of them had failed due to the extreme security of SAPD, SWAT and HRT.

  • A total of 6 snipers were taken down at Candidate Sheryar Khan's event.
  • A total of 10+ shooters were taken down at Candidate Ace Westbrooks event.
  • A total of 5 shooters were arrested/taken down at Candidate Richie Kavanagh's event.

With the first and second event, the SWAT and HRT co-operated with each other and took necessary steps to eliminate any risk of any assassination.


Removal of CSD!

On 24th April, due to the degrading performance and activity of S.W.A.T, SOB Commander and Lieutenant Stock Smith had made the decision of Splitting SWAT and CSD. This idea was being discussed for some time and it finally came into being on 25th April. However due to the current state of the department, the Congress took notice of CSD and published a statement where they asked the following questions;

  • To determine whether such division is necessary;
  • To determine if the objectives of such divisions could be handled by existing division;
  • To determine whether ordinary units could execute objectives of such a division;
  • To determine who approved the division's creation despite the objections;
  • To determine the issues such division could deliver to the department;
  • To determine whether the department can afford to have another division;

The Congress asked the following members for a hearing session; Chief Santos, Lieutnenat Williams (Captain), Lieutenant Stock Smith, Staff Sergeant Charles McCane (SWAT Commander) and Lead Trooper Kowalski (CSD Commander).

All of the specified members provided their statements in hearing sessions and the conclusion of the hearing was that;

  • CSD to be merged with SWAT, along with it's members if they wish.
  • Removal of Charles McCane from PD and SWAT due to lying and manipulating.

With the CSD and SWAT, along with their members joined together, currently the S.W.A.T team is functional and is being led by Lieutenant Stock Smith. So far the S.W.A.T team had 0 failed operations out of approximately 10 major operations. The SWAT team is always aiming to strive and improve, especially with the new leadership.


Trainings make a Volunteer perfect!

With the uprising number of Volunteers, the department members constantly organizes them together for a safe and efficient patrol. The past few days, Senior Trooper Hailee Rayee and Nessa Collins as well as Captain Shane Williams hosted different trainings for Volunteers to help and improve their performance on the field. It is essential for Volunteers to go through different trainings as they are mostly new members of the department and also the backbone of the department.

In the training hosted by Captain Williams, he trained the Volunteers on how to effectively use the firearms and take cover.


In the training hosted by Hailee Raye and Nessa Collins, they have trained the Volunteers on how to perform a Felony Stop more efficiently and more securely. In many cases, the Volunteers have no idea what even is a Felony Stop.


Website: pd.sagov.us
Author: Khalid King
Photos: Shane Williams - Hailee Raye/Nessa Collins - Emily Hawk
Date: 03 / 05 / 20

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Re: [Press Release #28] - Victorious Department!

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Great one! *salutes*
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