[Press Release] - Police escorts wanted criminal!

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[Press Release] - Police escorts wanted criminal!

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Published on 2nd June
Website: pd.sagov.us
Spokesman: Khalid King


Police escorts wanted criminal!

On June the second, 2020; SAPD was informed of a smuggling ship that entered San Fierro from Northern seas. The Ship appeared to be carrying containers loaded with legal items, however on the same ship was a package containing illegal weaponry, the M4 rifle, 3 of them. SAPD attempted to grab hold of the briefcase but were not fast enough as it was taken by criminals whom were already waiting for the ship's arrival. SAPD along with it's tactical division, the SWAT placed Ocean Docks under complete lock down and waited for the smugglers to arrive. Approximately 7 minutes later, the SWAT team took notice of a huge convoy, ranging from 15 to 20 people at Willow field. The convoy was stable until it started moving towards Ocean Docks. With the convoy, two to three air crafts flew over Ocean Docks to aid the smugglers but however they were shot down with deadly force. The convoy went for the Southern smuggling point and a shootout had initiated. The shooters along with the smugglers were taken down and the smuggled weaponry was seized and confiscated.


In the same shootout, a suspect by the name of Flynn McGregor was found alive and was detained shortly after. SAPD under the Supervision of Sergeant Shamus Rae requested a Van to transport the deadly suspect to LSPD. The police escort originated from Ocean Docks to the highway above LSPD, where the police had some issues with the suspect making threats. Thus more units were called on the scene. The suspect was successfully escorted to LSPD and jailed for 15 years.

Not a lot of information was obtained from Mr McGregor, but he may (with no evidence) have been involved with the ''The Irish Mob'' a deadly yet, stealth organization.

Website: pd.sagov.us
Author: Khalid King
Photos: Khalid King
Date: 02 / 06 / 20

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Re: [Press Release #31] - Police escorts wanted criminal!

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Good job

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Re: [Press Release #31] - Police escorts wanted criminal!

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Good well !
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