[Press Release] - Departmental co-operation

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[Press Release] - Departmental co-operation

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Departmental co-operation

After a meeting attended by Marco Lloyd, Ammy Stokes, Kira Hernandez and Maya Rivera a decision has been made that the departments should be more co-operative with each other and even learn from each other. There will be new changes coming up in the academy later.

The work has already started. On the 20th of July 2020 16:00, San Andreas Fire & Medical Department was hosting a training for San Andreas Police Department officers. They were being taught of how to evaluate a victim and how to perform a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). At the training almost every officer had a chance to perform it on their own with the help of San Andreas Fire & Medical Department at that time Captain Marco Lloyd.

We could say that the training turned out very well and we can honestly affirm that most of the officers learned how to correctly perform a CPR and that they will be able to use it at the field if it is needed. Hopefully, they will be able to continue hosting this kind of training weekly.

Author: Maya Rivera Hernandez
Images by: Maya and Hailee Rivera
Published on the 26th of July, 2020