Lego Johnson Application for SAPD

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Lego Johnson
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Lego Johnson Application for SAPD

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A. Name: Lego
B. Surname: Johnson
C. Age: 25
D. Residence: Los Santos
E. Origin: Pakistan, Karachi.
F. Passport: [X] Yes [-] No
G. Driving License: [X] Yes [-] No
H. Weapon License:[-] Yes [X] No

A. Age: 15
B. Discord: 彡VTX 彡LEGO#7651
C. Are you able to speak and/or listen on voice?: Yes.

A. Have you ever worked in a government agency (such as PD, FD, EMS)?
I have worked in SAPD, SAN, SAFMD, FBI.

B. What groups have you been, or still are, apart of?
I am apart of SAPD, worked in FBI, SAFMD, SAN.

C. What is the highest rank you achieved in a group, and which group?
Chief of Police, SAPD.

D. Have you ever been involved in criminal activities, if yes, which?
No, I have not.

E. Name at least three of your friends:
Well, I get along with: Hamza Abbasi, Abdul Saad, Angel_Hunter

F. Have you ever been convicted in the court of law?
No. I have not.

A. Why do you want to join the San Andreas Police Department?
I was previously in SAPD, i want to re-wind my past experience. I want to capture the criminals patroll and in my point of view it isn't like a duty it's like fun to me.

B. What does it mean to you to be a law enforcement officer?
Law Enforcement Officer is not just a high named post but it is like an all rounder, A leo should have intelligence, Skills, Good muscle, Good memory. He has to never give up, he has to work hard.

C. What are three negative aspects of your personality?
-I am somehow an Angry person sometimes.
-I am Shy sometimes.
-I speak truth, it can put someone in danger too..

D. How would you describe yourself?
I'm a Professional person, an experienced guy. I am friendly with those who treat me in a good way, i have no tolerance policy on any one. If any one would try to mess up with me it could endanger himself.


A. Have you read and understood the employment contract?
[X] Yes [-] No

B. Do you agree with the employment contract?
[X] Yes [-] No

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Re: Lego Johnson Application for SAPD

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I will not accept or even bother reviewing an applicant that doesn't copy the template we have, really it is a very easy thing to do.

Copy all the code and fill the answers again.