Solim Townes [DENIED]

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Solim Townes
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Solim Townes [DENIED]

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A. Name: Solim
B. Surname: Townes
C. Age: 22
D. Residence: Jefferson
E. Origin: Los Santos
F. Passport: [-] Yes
G. Driving License: [-] Yes
H. Weapon License: [-] Yes

A. Age: 21
B. Discord: Micckeeyy#3286
C. Are you able to speak and/or listen on voice?: Yes.

A. Have you ever worked in a government agency (such as PD, FD, EMS)?
Yes, I've been apart of PD twice before.

B. What groups have you been, or still are, apart of?
San Andreas Police Department only.

C. What is the highest rank you achieved in a group, and which group?
Cadet, SAPD.

D. Have you ever been involved in criminal activities, if yes, which?
Negative. ((Just a kidnap situation and led to my death, shouldn't be counted.)

E. Name at least three of your friends:
I do only have one. Ivor Callum.

F. Have you ever been convicted in the court of law?

A. Why do you want to join the San Andreas Police Department?
I want to protect law. I have seen lots of brutality in streets of San Andreas. I don't want it to happen anywhere. I want to protect people of Los Santos from any crime might happen remembering that there are a lot of criminals and gang on Los Santos, and I think LSPD now is lack of LSPD officer to handle the crimes on Los Santos. Since I was kid I was dreaming about being a cop and catch the bad guys and make people around me safe, I love to protect anyone as much as I can and I hope I can be accepted at LSPD so I can help everyone who is in need of my help as a police Officer.

B. What does it mean to you to be a law enforcement officer?
There truly is nothing like the feeling that you've done something to make someone else's life just a little better. True, if you encounter a police officer on the job, you're probably not having a very good day. But most cops know that they can affect the outcome simply based on what they do or how they treat you. Whether it's by helping you change a tire on the side of the road, showing a little compassion and empathy on a traffic stop or at a crash scene, or helping you see that justice is done if you're a victim of a crime, officers rarely forget that most of us took the job because we wanted to help others. Being a cop is just plain fun and rewarding. It's not just a job. It becomes part of who and what you are, and there are not many professions that can get into your blood as law enforcement seems to. It's dangerous and hard work, and it often feels under appreciated, but being a cop truly can feel like one of the best jobs out there.

C. What are three negative aspects of your personality?
I am pretty sure that being kind is one of my negative aspects as it is always leads to something bad in this very mean and nasty world.

D. How would you describe yourself?
Helpful, devoted on my work , risky guy as taking risks no matter what.


A. Have you read and understood the employment contract?
[-] Yes

B. Do you agree with the employment contract?
[-] Yes

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Re: Solim Townes

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Solim Townes,

We wish to inform you that we acknowledged your application and interest into joining the San Andreas Police Department. For the next couple of days, your application will undergo evaluation by the Recruitment and Training division personnel. Until further notice, remain patient, and in case of questions, feel free to submit them to my e-mail (( forum PM )).

Jake Randall
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Jake Randall
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Re: Solim Townes [DENIED]

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Inactive, fix your activity and re-apply in two weeks.