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Application for joing sapd - DENIED

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 5:48 pm
by Koussa
Ic information:
I live at lv
Driving license:yew
Weopon license: yes
Group that I joined : fd pd and luxury auto dealership
The best rank that I get volenteer at pd and fd to.
No I don't commet crimes on duty and I never had sespended
My wight: 79
My skills:good at shooting and good at rp and good at helping civilians
In real life :
My age: is 19
I live at tunisia
I have discord and I'm able to talk in:peter_chraki#3025
I'm good at English
I Wana join sapd:cause I hate guys joo broke the low and ho commit crimes so I want to jail them
I have a big expirience and if a get accepted I will be soo helpful and I will doo team work
I hope u exept me