Oliver George

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Oliver George

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A. Name: Oliver
B. Surname: George
C. Age:25
D. Residence:
E. Origin: Asian
F. Passport: [-] Yes
G. Driving License: [-] Yes
H. Weapon License: [-] Yes

A. Age:
B. Discord: Robert_x.-#2739
C. Are you able to speak and/or listen on voice?: Yes
A. Have you ever worked in a government agency (such as PD, FD, EMS)?
Worked for EMS in the past, have been working for SAPD for quite a time now.
A. Why do you want to join the San Andreas Police Department?
Joining the Police Department has always been the deepest desire of my life. I've been working for the department as a volunteer for a long time. But however my rank doesn't allow me to take part in bigger operations which is why I'd like to be a higher ranked officer than my current one.

B. What does it mean to you to be a law enforcement officer?
Being an enforcement officer, I'm expected to work honestly day and night for the betterment of the people by keeping the guilty in the cells and the innocent free so as to ensure a peaceful environment for the civilians to raise their children