Members and Badge Numbers

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Members and Badge Numbers

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A Trooper's badge number has the purpose of identifying the employee to the public.

The badge must be worn at all times on active duty for the public to have a clear identification of the officer.
Once the officer has finished the training program, he will be promoted to the rank of officer and be assigned a badge number.

The badge number will stay with the officer from the beginning of his career to the end of it, the badge number following to be retired after the employee no longer serves in the force.

A full list of serving Troopers is listed here, along with a direct email ((profile)) link, should you need to contact them.

Chief of Police
#174 - Stock Smith
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Deputy Chief of Police
#179 - Shane Williams
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Command Advisor
#172 - Eduardo Santos
#160 - Weston Lockeheed
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Police Captain
#249 - Shamus Rae
#135 Noah Peterson
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Police Lieutenant
AOB Commander:
#157 Parth Hernandez
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Police Staff Sergeant
#128 - Charles McCane
#268 - Zac Daniels
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Police Sergeant
#237 - Lincoln Stallone
#276 - Daniel Campbell
#164 - Iftina Hernandez
#256 - Toby Maxwell
#267 - Caleb Valle

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Lead State Trooper
#228 - Chris Collin
#236 - Tiny Hunter
#113 - Dexter Kowalski
#281 - Chris Stokes
#279 - Rustler Westwood
#287 - Marco Lloyd
#141 - Teddy Duncan
#293 - Saul Masvidal
#294 - Martin Reed
#161 - Rayan Tremblay

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Senior State Trooper
#248 - Ronnie Martino
#277 - Evelyn Vandervelle
#282 - Frank Brandon
#251 - Danny Winters
#269 - Conrad Lopez
#241 - James Perkin
#258 - Edward Johnson
#250 - Simon Riley
#246 - Martin Barlett
#295 - Antonio Torres
#283 - Benjamin Smith
#263 - Alistair MacKenzie

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State Trooper
#147 - Marcus Burnett
#290 - Jasmine Lloyd
#300 - Thomas Sheldon
#266 - Rafael Berrywood
#301 - Michael Caine
#302 - Jasmine Muller
#303 - James Parish
#304 - Kaushal Raval

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State Police Recruit
Upon joining the department, the rank of Recruit Trooper is going to be the first significant achievement in the hierarchy of the group that a normal player can obtain. This is the entry rank for people whose application get successfully reviewed and accepted by the staff of the SAPD. As a Recruit Trooper, their only responsibility right now is to pass the academy, trying to learn notions about police work itself, that can range and not be necessarily limited to community policing, firearm usage and driving techniques. Upon passing a period that is deemed satisfying by the Academy Staff, they get promoted to the rank of Trooper.
Volunteer Trooper
An individual who is not a usually a state trooper, but likes to lend a hand whenever available. They are the backbone of the police department itself as it is from this fodder that new troopers get sworn in, and as such, they are treated as an important asset.
No longer in service
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