Police Commands.

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Police Commands.

Post by Frank_Thompson » Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:14 pm

/tg or /takegun (Rearms your duty weapons)
/r (Communication between law enforcements)
/dep (Communication between Emergency Services)
/callsign (Places a callsign on your /r chat)
/carsign (Places a carsign upon your vehicle)
/suspect (Adds a crime to a certain person)
/cuff (Places cuffs on a individual)
/uncuff (Removes the cuffs from the individual)
/jail (Jails a suspect, time is based on the ammount of crimes)
/fine (Gives a ticket/fine to a driver)
/finevehicle (Adds a fine on a vehicle for example, incorrect parking)
/mdc (Police database, contains of multiple functions)
/bagbody (Places a dead body in a body bag)
/carrybody (Carries the bodybag)
/mysuspension (Reveals your suspension time)
/inspect (bodyid) (Inspects the body and reveals how he died.)
/panic (Police panic button, if pressed every unit would see the place of your location)
/frisk (Would reveal a person's investory if he has been cuffed or his hands up.)
/emptyout (Clears the heroin bowl in heroin shacks)

/tg gives you armour and more standard weapons.
/spikes (near a cruiser) (Places a spikestrip, it spawns the way you look at and your character will be in the middle of the strip)
/barrier (Gives you access to certain barriers to place in situations, can be used for roleplay or situations)

Police Officer I
Allowed to deploy HSU (Only when people are using vehicles who go beyond 177km/h)
Different clothing available (You may now choose the black uniforms)
/radar (speed) (Placees a speeding radar)
/radars (Shows an oversight of how many radars are set and where)
/spikes (near a cruiser) (Places a spikestrip, it spawns the way you look at and your character will be in the middle of the strip)
/removemyspikes (Removes the spikes you placed)
/seize (Confiscates 30 percent of the ammount the person carries of illegal items)

Police Officer II

Ability to organize patrol -->Police Officer II should be performing more briefings with the units that are on duty and organizing them to pursue their careers.
/revokelicense (Only to be used upon 5+ tickets for driving license and weapon license upon a weapon violation)

Police Officer III
/removeradars (Removes all the placed radars)
/equip (Equips players with certain weapons)

Sergeant I
Supervisor of the PD units
/suspend <id> <time> h <reason> (Removes someone from duty due to a breach of regulations)

Sergeant II
UC rights
/sb (Shows your badge, your name would appear blue

/ucrights (Gives a player undercover rights)
/uclist - (Shows everyone who has UC rights) (Bugged feature)

Equip is possible from the following vehicles:
FBI truck (armoured truck)