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Join SAPD NOW!!!

Post by Weston Lockeheed » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:37 am

"To Serve SAPD!"

Volunteers and friends of SAPD,
Summer is here and San Andreas Police Department is once again looking for Cadets for the month of July!

You'll have the chance to serve SAPD in a friendly and very well organized environment under the leadership of Chief of Police Derek Carter and Deputy Chief Frank Thompson.

Applications open are open at this time
Exclusive for those who apply on the next recruitment which is covered by this special project.
  • A fast-track of your application, our Instructors will try their best to speed up the process and answer quickly.
  • Three days after getting accepted, you'll be able to request a theory examination to receive full Cadet rights.
  • After passing the examination, you'll immdiatelly be able to take Field Training Patrols.
    After taking 5 Field Training Patrols, you'll be able to take two mandatory Practical Phases then take three more Field Training Patrols to be evaluated and promoted next ceremony.
  • Daily updates with very close supervision and monitoring of your progress making sure those who deserve it are recognized.


Apply for San Andreas Police Department and enter the project "To Serve SAPD!" that gives chances to as many people as possible to live their dream, to join SAPD!