Mission, Vision and Goals

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Mission, Vision and Goals

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Upheld the Constitution of the State of San Andreas and serve the law at all cost, maintaining the peace and the order, striving for a better tomorrow.

Be recognized as an example to the community, fighting the crime in all levels with all resources at reach. Continue to ostensively fight criminality in all levels, regardless of what comes through.

* Serve and protect the people with integrity and excellence.
* Assure the compliment of the Constitution of the State of San Andreas.
* Preserve the public order.
* Be an active part in the community, integrating and connecting with it.
* Combat the crime in all present levels.
* Exercise ostensive patrolling and activity throughout the State of San Andreas.

Core Values
* Empathy;
* Respect;
* Integrity;
* Courage;
* Bravery;
* Commitment;
* Loyalty;
* Passion to serve the people.