Departmental Blacklist

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Departmental Blacklist

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The individuals who will be placed in this blacklist are not to be recruited unless authorized by the SAPD Command Staff.
On blacklist are placed members who while they were apart of San Andreas Police Department committed acts that were degrading to the image of the department and acts that are generally on a higher level of severity.

Supervisory, Command and Executive Staff discuss before a blacklist is placed on an employee as well as the duration.

A blacklist may be missing if the blacklist was made before December of 2019.

Matt Allen - Keno Eix Causing internal chaos, spamming and insulting members after being removed, including criminal acts and hate.
Sam Rosso - Corruption, criminal conduct while on duty.
Jelly Valentine - Corruption, criminal conduct while on duty.
Daniel Clifton - Corruption, criminal conduct while on duty.
Ava Collins - Treason, Corruption, criminal acts on and off duty.
Nicolas Cage - Corruption, criminal acts on duty.
Bruce McCane - Corruption, criminal acts on duty, unacceptable behaviour.
Kacper Williams - Constantly leaving and rejoining SAPD and committing crimes afterwards, unstable behaviour, criminal acts before resigning, not willing to work in a team environment and take responsibilities.
Anthony Banana / Edward Lawman - Unstable behaviour patterns, criminal acts before resigning.
Jasper Sakura / Kagari Walker - Wasting resources by resigning and leaving many times. Insulting the department in discord and in-game.
Oliver Evans - One of the most unbelievable cases of SAPD, multi-accounting and rejoined tons of times.
Claw Potters - Insulting everyone by making over 50 posts on the application section of forums.
Kevin / Mark Brown - Attempted Murder of President Dylan Parker
Vincent Becker / James Mac - Resigned shortly after being accepted to join a mafia.
Kuki Winter - Attempted murder on Chief of Police.

Mia Megan - 9th of May 2020 - Misrepresenting the department as a Cadet, disrespecting employees and failing to comply.
Billy Miller - 9th of May 2020 - Leaving the department after reinstating, in less than 30 days.
Karolis Lapinskas - 8th of March 2020 - Misuse of 911 hotline, insulting the department in Discord, unprofessional while on duty.