Recruitment [CLOSED]

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Recruitment [CLOSED]

Post by Leonardo »

Recruitment Status: CLOSED .

Firstly of all, thank you for your interest in the S.A.P.D. You'll surely find a supportive and appropriate environment to work on, alongside a desirable organizational climate, transparency, integrity, and dedication to serve. The San Andreas Police Department strives on its daily mission of serving the people and assuring the maintenance of the law & order, by using all lawful mechanisms at disposal, as well the capability and endeavor of our hard-working personnel, and we're glad you're reading this, which means to us you have the slightest ambition to take part and apply for a position within the department, aligning our desire to serve the people with your ambitions.

The applicant of the San Andreas Police Department will have to meet the following criteria before submitting an application:
* Be a registered citizen of the State of San Andreas;
* Passed an IELT with a score of at least 70% ((medium English level required));
* Lived in the state for more than five years ((must be level 5+ in-game));
* Hold a drivers' license valid in the State of San Andreas;
* Not being trialed in any active court case;
* Not have been convicted in court in the last month;
* Not have been convicted caught in act by the SAPD in the week;
* Be at least 18 years old from the moment the application has been submitted ((in-character only));
* Hold a valid weapon license;
* Be at least 5'3 tall and weight at least 60kg ((in-character only)).
If you, interested individual, meets the listed criteria, you can submit your application by filling out the form, which you can find here, and then, posting an application with your name ((your character's name)).

Moreover, it is in the interests and obligations of the applicant to abide by the regulations of the recruitment during the process as any violation can get you discarded and/or fired from the department. As such, the applicant is asked to abide by these:
* The applicant cannot be helped in any way during the recruitment period, except by the ways established by the department;
* Plagiarism in your application will not tolerated, resulting in immediate denial if so;
* Do not continuously bother academy staff about your application;
* As a Cadet you may not go inactive at any time, Cadet period is a period where you prepare to become an Officer.
* Applicants must have their IG name as a forum name like "Jake Randall" not "Jake_Randall" or "jake randall"
* Applicants must mark an [X] into the boxes where required in the application.
* Academy staff can be contacted by the applicant only by the ways established by the department.


Code: Select all

[b]A.[/b] Name: <answer>
[b]B.[/b] Surname: <answer>
[b]C.[/b] Age: <answer>
[b]D.[/b] Residence: <answer>
[b]E.[/b] Origin: <answer>
[b]F.[/b] Passport: [-] Yes [-] No
[b]G.[/b] Driving License: [-] Yes [-] No
[b]H.[/b] Weapon License: [-] Yes [-] No

[b]A.[/b] Age: <answer>
[b]B.[/b] Discord: <answer>
[b]C.[/b] Are you able to speak and/or listen on voice?: <answer>

[b]A.[/b] Have you ever worked in a government agency (such as PD, FD, EMS)?

[b]B.[/b] What groups have you been, or still are, apart of?

[b]C.[/b] What is the highest rank you achieved in a group, and which group?

[b]D.[/b] Have you ever been involved in criminal activities, if yes, which?

[b]E.[/b] Name at least three of your friends:

[b]F.[/b] Have you ever been convicted in the court of law?

[b]3. MOTIVATION[/b]
[b]A.[/b] Why do you want to join the San Andreas Police Department?

[b]B.[/b] What does it mean to you to be a law enforcement officer?

[b]C.[/b] What are three negative aspects of your personality?

[b]D.[/b] How would you describe yourself?


I, [b]Name Lastname[/b], agree to the terms of the contract, to its sections and to the lawbook of San Andreas.
I agree to ensure their faithful observance, to defend the citizens and obey to lawful orders issued by superiors.
I agree to protect the rights and liberties of San Andreas.


Click in this link to get an invite to the Discord of the S.A.P.D.
Any Volunteers+ are welcome.

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Application Process - Information

Post by Leonardo »

* Exemplary behavior;
* Remain away from the crime;
* Perform outstanding as a voluntary (free-duty).

* PLAGIARISM in your application (DO NOT COPY answers to your application from anywhere in the Internet);
* Bad behavior;
* Committing crimes after you've submitted an application;
* Failure to pass the background check;
* Getting involved in arguments and provocations with the server's administration;
* Banned from the server.
* Bumping your application.
* Bothering academy staff about your application status.

My application has not been noted yet. What do i need to do for it to get noted?!

Wait. Applications are usually noted in a short period of time.

My application has something pending. What do i need to do now?

Follow the instructions mentioned in the letter posted in your application.

What do i need to do to be accepted?

Avoid committing crimes, be an exemplary citizen, and wait patiently.

My application has been denied. What now?

The reasons for the denial will be clarified in the letter of denial, as well the period you need to wait to re-apply. Work on fixing the issue(s) that have caused your denial and wait for the period mentioned to re-apply.

Any more questions?

Foward them to any member of the SAPD Command Staff or the Academy Staff through e-mail ((forum PM)).

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Employee Contract

Post by Jake Randall »

This document is a legal binding contract between the San Andreas Police Department, as the employer, and the applicant applying for the San Andreas Police Department. The purpose of the contract is to establish duties and obligations, departmental rights and benefits applicable to the applicant in case of acceptance.

Section I - Duties and Obligations
Employee's duties and obligations shall include but not be limited to:
  1. Obligation of abiding by the Public Security Code of the State of San Andreas.
  2. Obligation of abiding by the regulations, protocols and procedures imposed by the department.
  3. Obligation of abiding lawful orders issued by superiors.
  4. Obligation to serve as an employee of the department for at least four weeks (28 days) after graduation from the Academy. *
* $400,000 is the amount you will have to pay if you resign before 28 days.

Section II - Departmental Rights
Departmental rights are the rights the department reserves to:
  1. Remove you from the San Andreas Police Department if deemed unfit under the review of Command Officers.
  2. Issue you a disciplinary punishment for any breach of these terms.
  3. Bring you before the court of law for any breaches of these terms.

Section III - Benefits
Employee's benefits shall include:
  1. Salary in case of active service.
  2. Bonus in case of extraordinary performance.
  3. Receive decorations based on conduct.

Non-disclosure clause
This document also classifies as a non-disclosure agreement, and by signing this document the employee acknowledges and submit himself to the risks, of coming in contact with classified material that might result in the charge of treason being brought against him upon an unauthorized disclosure of department materials. By signing this document, the interested individual express that he willingly understand and accept the terms imposed by this contract, and agree to assume the legal obligation, with a penal clause, of not leaking any departmental material without previous authorization from the chief executive officer of the department or whoever is assigned to assume his responsibilities. This clause continues to apply even after the employment of the interested individual has ended.

Every accepted Cadet will have to sign this document otherwise they will be immediately removed.
A cadet may also not go inactive during their cadet period which is 30 days.

Scientific, artistic and social promotion of the SAPD since May of 2019
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Make your own difference

Post by Jake Randall »

Recruitment is now open for 1 week till Friday 24th of January.
The applications will receive response always in less than 20 hours after being posted.

All information on how to apply are listed above on the thread.

You can become a Trooper in less than a week if you complete your cadet responsibilities like Field Patrols.
The division has lot of Instructors that are very active and will help when needed.