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[INFO] Commission Board

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San Andreas Police
Community Affairs
Central Station
Pershing Square
Los Santos, SA 90014

* In accordance with the United States Congress Resolution No. 34-2023.
The Police Commission of the San Andreas Police Department are appointed officials by the U.S. Congress and are usually a retired (Assistant) Chief and are ranked above the Chief of Police, they have the powers and the duties given by the congress to ensure stability and unity of the department and are the last point of contact in the chain-of-command and will directly report and represent the department to the congress.

Duties and Obligations:
  • Oversee the activities of the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police;
  • Approve or disapprove any proposed changes to the regulations or the handbook of the San Andreas Police Department;
  • Approve or disapprove any proposed structural or organizational changes for the San Andreas Police Department;
  • Ability to veto promotions, demotions, awards, or recruitment of individuals deemed unfit;
  • Review complaints against the Chief or Assistant Chief of Police;
  • Ensure and promote internal stability and unity, mitigate unrest and mediate in disagreements or fights.
Current Appointed Commissioners

The Commissioners will act through submitted complaints through usual channels of submissions or through private email ((in forums)) should the reporter wishes to keep confidentiality.

The Commissioners will act on submitted concerns, suggestions, commendations et. al. through private e-mail. (( In forums - NOT DISCORD )).

Private e-mails should contain complete details with properly formatted and constructed content in-order for the communication to be considered. (( Submissions may follow regular complaint format found in "file a complaint" section of this forum. ))