[INFO] Officer Misconduct Process

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[INFO] Officer Misconduct Process

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Officer misconduct complaints are reviewed by the Supervisory & Command Officers which consist of Sergeant and higher ranked members. The complaint may take some time to be reviewed and for all the facts and information to be gathered. If the complaint takes more than a week, you may submit a private message to one of the Lieutenants and ask for an update.

Do note that most complaints that are submitted are without appropriate evidence or are for an invalid reason. If you wish to file a complaint ensure that you provide all the necessary information along with evidence of the misconduct and state names of some witnesses which can be used to confirm your allegations.

Also note that unless you submit evidence, all you provided are allegations, and allegations are not evidence or facts.

These are the steps and some notes of how to file a complaint:
  • Submitting a complaint through the Report an Officer form.
  • Awaiting response from the Supervisory or Command Officer on the submitted complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, submit an email to the Chief of Police/Assistant Chief.
  • Supervisory Officers, with the guidance of Command Officers, are the primary body of the SAPD that handles complaints and officer misconduct.
  • The Police Commission handles complaints against the Executive Staff.
  • OOC misconducts get handled OOCly.
  • IC misconducts get handled ICly.

Also do note that the Executive Staff is not your place for complaining for every time the complaint you made was not with the outcome of your choosing and favoring. It is for when you sincerely do believe and are of knowledge that the complaint was fully valid with submitted evidence and facts, and with the reported officer being unpunished.